Lease a Xerox Copier

You’ve heard this brand name for years. You probably equate it with quality and longevity. The name is Xerox, and there are few brands that are as well respected and recognized. If you run a business in Colorado Springs, we want to work with you when you decide to lease a Xerox copier.  We proudly offer options to lease the latest Xerox copiers and are happy to negotiate with you for excellent lease terms. The copy machine is one of the workhorses of the modern business environment, shouldn’t you outfit your office with one of the very best?

There are several reasons to lease a Xerox Copier:

  • Get the most up-to-date technology: Leasing allows you to afford the most advanced technology while you save money in the short term. Large production office copiers can be a huge investment. Leasing allows you all the perks of a high tech machine without the huge risk.
  • Preserve your cash flow: Buying a copier can cost thousands of dollars. When you lease a Xerox copier,  you can count on a regular payment which can free up much needed cash flow for other needs your business might have.
  • Have it all when you lease a Xerox copier: Avoid obsolescence with the latest technology, save on upfront costs for your growing business and work a service contract into your lease. These are just a few of the reasons to lease a copier with us. We look forward to hearing from you!