Making Your Copier Work With Your Budget

Colorado Springs Copier Information

As I continue writing these posts, you will most likely see a consistent theme of me warning against “overbuying” for your needs.   With some budgets shrinking, people are facing the opposite problem more often.  I will have customers here in Colorado Springs tell me they are doing 5,000 prints per month and they want to look at a $400 to $600 HP device the HP LaserJet M2727NF MFP.   Don’t get me wrong, these MFP’s do have their place, but it’s certainly not for the person doing that kind of volume!   There are several factors that need to be addressed in every copier sale if it is going to serve the customer in the most efficient way.

First, what work actually needs to be done? Second, what volume of work needs to be done? Third, what steps are you willing to do to get job done? Fourth, what is the convenience worth if you are buying add ons? Fifth, is the device appropriate for your job?   That’s a lot of information you need to address, but if you do, it will help narrow your search field before you even talk to a copier rep.   Now, lets look at the next step:

Now that these questions are answered, you can look at the 4 components of copier cost,

1) The machine

2) The Maintenance

3) The consumables

4) The personnel costs (and what is the most appropriate device for the job).

All four of these are very pertinent copier questions, and I highly recommend having any copier sales person who calls you spell them out.   We are happy to help you answer all of these questions and quote you the best copier for your specific needs.   Give us a call here in Colorado Springs!