Why you Need Copier Security

Protecting your data is becoming more important than ever before. The world is becoming more and more connected and that can be a helpful, but scary prospect. There is no doubt that connectivity has changed the business world forever. Never before have we been able to accomplish more while out of the workplace. This freedom lets us push ourselves to new levels, but can also leave us vulnerable.

What many people do not realize is that copier security is not the same thing as network security. Your network security cannot help you if someone hacks into your copier’s hard drive. This is why you need to do everything you can to protect yourself. That’s why companies like Xerox are putting so much emphasis on security in their newest machines.

Xerox and others are well aware of the dangers accompanied with a powerful hard drive inside your office machine. This hard drive saves a copy of everything that goes through your printer or copier. This can be helpful, but harmful if someone nefarious accesses it.

Luckily, Xerox offers a number of features on its newest models to help keep you safe. They worked with security experts to ensure that they are doing their part to give you the best technology available to combat potential threats.

  • Encrypted PDF files for scanning
  • Complete hard drive encryption
  • Prevent unauthorized access with Xerox user permissions
  • Complete visibility
  • Security management and tracking of all activity with audit log

All of this and more can help protect you from a potential threat. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable. Get yourself copier security before it is too late.