Networking Your Copier in Colorado Springs!

Networking Your Copier

Have you realized that you are almost done buying your new copier, but the copier company in Colorado Springs that you are dealing with are not totally sure how to network your copier.  It is annoying because you are paying thousands of dollars for a copier and it seems they should know how to make sure your copier is networked so you can scan and print from your computer.

If you are going to  have a copier networked your copier company will need to either allow the network to dynamically set the IP address or define the IP address based on the parameters your IT department has set for your companies printing devices.  Permissions also need to be set and you will need to decide if the copier drivers should be loaded on the server or on the individual PC’s. Generally it is better on the server, but there can be a reason to put it on the PC’s instead.

If you want to get a copier in Colorado Springs and want a company who can help you network this copier please give us a call!