Post Copier Paper Processing

Paper Folders and Paper Shredders with Your Copier

After your documents leave the copier, what happens when they need some extra attention? What if you have to fold thousands of documents so that you can fit them into letter-sized mailers to send to customers? Perhaps you need a document shredder to help with security at the office? At our copier company, we have a variety of document finishing equipment. Whether you need trimming, padding, shredding, binding or folding, we can help.

A professional paper folding machine will let you fold your equipment at higher speeds. In addition, a machine with these capabilities will also feature an automatic feeder and stacker for your documents. The range will vary, but you will witness speeds that range from 1,800 sheets an hour to 35,000 sheets per hour. Paper trimmers are great for print shops and schools because they create custom paper pads within seconds. The size of the trimmers will range from the manual guillotine-style trimmer to the automatic paper trimmer.

Does your office environment struggle with static that creates paper jams? With a paper jogger, you can shake stacks of paper before organizing them and eliminating static. If you need this type of document finishing for your copier, we have the document finishing options that can assist you. We will help you to discover the perfect solution to fit with the needs of your business.

We have been helping a company that was paying $.39 per envelope to stuff envelopes, with a high quality Formax folder and Xerox copier, our solution will save them 1.5 Million over 3 years.  We have the spreadsheet to show you how it works.