Printing in Color

Printers and Color: What You Need to Know


In the past few years, color copiers have become more affordable. On average, a color copier costs 20 percent more than your standard black-and-white model with the same capabilities. In the past, they were so expensive that no one could afford them. When buying a color copier, you just need to know when it is appropriate. You have some people who attempt to save money by purchasing a black-and-white commercial copier while letting their inexpensive printer handle their color printing. In many cases, this will cost you more than what it is worth because you will pay more for toner cartridges. 

With a commercial-grade color copier, you will have a more powerful processor and more memory. This will make it a better option for business owners because of greater speed and easier use. If you choose a maintenance agreement, you can save a great deal of money on toner replacements. No more being hit with a $300 to $400 bill for printing in color. In addition, if you have problems, it will be taken care of. 

Printing in color helps to improve the customer response if you need a color copier for promotional materials. Customers love seeing things in color as opposed to black and white. If you choose a commercial-grade color copier, it will have a lower cost of ownership over time than if you used your inexpensive printer to meet your demands.