Printing with the Cloud

How many times have you run into the problem of needing a document off of a computer and it isn’t properly configured to the copier or printer? This is why Xerox has gone through a lot of effort to make printing easier from any device. 

Being able to bring your own device into a office and access the printer or copier is a relatively new thing, but with today’s emphasis on tablet and smart phones, it has become very necessary. This is part of the reason that Xerox has made it possible to be able to print from the cloud. This is great because suddenly so many documents are available with just the simple click of a button on almost any device at any time.

Office managers will be able to maximize efficiency by having remote workers be able to access copiers and printers in the main office from virtually anywhere. It becomes immediately obvious what an advantage this can be for any office worker.

If your Colorado Springs area business would like to know more about this feature or another feature that Xerox provides, please give us a call at (719) 645-4550 and we would love the opportunity to help your business with any of your office technology needs.