Probably Not Paperless Yet…

Colorado Springs Copier

Despite all the talk about the paper-less office, most businesses love their paper documents. Paper documents and copies of paper documents are vitally important to businesses. Businesses in Colorado Springs need a reliable, efficient copier to be able to function.

One important factor to consider when buying a copier is the true cost. Many Colorado Springs businesses only consider the purchase price of the copier but the true cost of a copier includes the cost of the paper and ink, and the cost of maintenance. A copier that appears cheap to buy can end up costing the company a small fortune if it uses expensive ink and needs maintenance frequently. Colorado springs companies should consider the full cost of a copier to include both the purchase price and the cost of running per year before making any purchasing decision.

When calculating the expected cost of running per year, consider the actual number of copies that will be made. If the company vastly over-estimates how many copies they will be making each month or year, an expensive high-capacity machine may falsely appear to be necessary when a much cheaper lower-capacity machine would be fine.

Of course if you are interested in going paperless by investing in a robust document management system, we can help with that as well.