Ready to Lease a New Copier?

When it is time to look for a new copier lease in Colorado Springs, we would love to be the company you call for help.  We work with companies in the area and work hard to help you get the best deal available.  Our focus is to utilize the aggressive programs the manufacturers are using to entice clients to work with their copiers and make sure you get the best special on the copier that will work best for your company.

We have hundreds of clients who have copiers with us and we work to ensure your copier is always running well and that you can do your business well without having the copier messing things up.

For example, currently, Xerox has a special on one of their copiers which is about $2800, where there is an $1125 back end rebate (that’s about 40% off!)

If you need a copier and are looking for the best deal, give us a holler.