Save Money on Prints

Colorado Springs Copier is not your average copier leasing center. We believe in honesty, and helping you save money where other leasing companies may be trying to exploit you. One of the biggest secrets to making you pay more for your copier lease is by overcharging for prints.  If you want to save money on prints then you need to seriously consider your monthly usage.

Many leasing companies will try and convince you that you need to buy more prints than you will actually use. There is an overage charge in most contracts for the additional prints that you want after using the quota written into your lease. Copier companies will use this as a scare tactic to make you waste money.

Let’s imagine that you were a company that needed 50,000 prints per month. Here is what the other companies will try to tell you.

  1. They will try and tell you that buying 50,000 prints a month is irresponsible because you could use more than that some months.
  2. They will make you scared about overage fees and try to convince you that buying 55,000 prints a month is a better investment. You will never pay overage charges and will not have to worry about being overcharged.
  3. You sign a lease for 55,000 prints every month and never have to pay an overage fee.

So what is tricky about this situation? Well, if you want to save money on prints it is usually a smarter move to buy closer to your actual monthly usage. The extra pages that you do not use cannot be carried over to another month. The leasing companies know that you will most likely not use these prints and they make extra money every month on what you do not use.

The reality is that it is usually cheaper to simply to pay overage charges on busy months. The overage charges are generally small compared to the excess money spent on waste every month.

If you want help understanding you lease or want to know more about how to save money on prints, please contact us as Colorado Springs Copier.