Take a Close Look at Your Next Copier Quote!!

Take a Close Look at Your Quote and Contract!!

This post is not going to make me the most popular person in the copier industry because if you follow my advice, you could be taking a few thousand dollars out of the Colorado Springs copier company´s pocket and leaving it in yours!  Here are some tips which no one else will tell you!

  1. Don´t do a FMV lease on anything under $3,000.00  Why?  Because there is generally less than $5 a month difference when you do the lease either way.  If this is the case, why give back the equipment and have to pay the freight to get it to the leasing company?
  2. You don´t have to do a lease to be on a cost per print plan.  You can buy and sign up for a cost per print plan seperately.
  3. Ask your dealer if they have any demos models for sale on the model you´re looking at.  This will do two things…  1) It tells them you are wanting a value so they´ll naturally keep their prices lower and 2) It will let them know you are open to creative deals so they can get you the best deal.
  4. Always get your quotes itemized. ALWAYS!
  5. Always figure out the total cost of ownership and compare with the feature sets being offered.  Cheapest is not always best!

Following these simple steps on your next copier lease will save you a ton.  Please call us if you need a quote on a copier in Colorado Springs!