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The Scary Thing About Copiers in Colorado Springs…

Protect Yourself From Dishonesty...

What’s your company’s data worth?  Your customer list?  Your customer’s private information?  Do you ever wonder how much it would cost if a competitor or someone who is not magnanimous got a hold of all of your company’s important data?  Did you know that your copier, yes the copier sitting in there right now might have that very risk attached to it?

What do I mean?  Say you are an accountant in Colorado Springs and you make copies of all of your clients info, which includes their SSN among other things.  If you have a fast copier with a hard drive, did you know there may be images of all the copies you made on that copier just sitting there on the hard drive.  Is this a problem for you?

What kind of data is on your copier’s hard drive?  Did you purchase a data security kit or enable the disk wiping feature?  These are questions you need to ask and things you need to know about your copier in Colorado Springs!