The Word Xerox

In the Oxford English Dictionary, much to the dismay of the Xerox Corporation, xerox still means to make a photocopy. The dictionary listed it as a verb, and while you do not hear it as often today, it used to be that if you asked someone to xerox a report, they almost always understood what you meant. However, they consider that a bad thing today.

According to Xerox, when people tell someone to xerox a report as a verb, there is the possibility that the word could eventually be seen as a generic term. If the word Xerox became too generic, it is possible that the company would lose it as a protected trademark. Because it became too generic, the company may find their competitors using the word. For that reason, Xerox launched a campaign at places like Publisher and Editor, and they have told people not to say xerox when using it as a verb.

The advantage of xerox being used as a verb is that it does offer free advertisement. For example, having your brand mentioned often, even if it relates to your competition, will still have a profound impact on the subconscious mind. Xerox actually invented the copier machine, so it makes sense when they tell someone to xerox a report.

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