Time to Be Thankful — Even if You are Buying a Copier in Colorado Springs!

Thanksgiving for this Copier Technology

The Office Copier.  A device we all take for granted.  Yet, this piece of equipment has helped to shape minds and hearts across this great land.  Churches and Schools have used copiers to get their message out to the people in mass.  If there is a lesson, we can make it avaialble to hundreds or even thousands of people and then let them take home the notes.  Really, copiers are pretty darn amazing pieces of equipment.

Now, there are some things that are way more amazing than copier technology.  One thing I am particularily grateful for is the fact that God has forgiven me for my rotten attitudes and ways I have mistreated people.  Maybe you have divergent religious beliefs…  If you do, I just ask that you also seek to give the god you serve thanks during this holiday because we are a really blessed people!

When you have to come back from the potlucks and all the family stuff which is super important, we hope you’ll consider us for your copier needs in Colorado Springs!