Time to Upgrade Your Copier?

That Old Copier Costing You More?

If you owned an older car that gave you one third of the gas mileage that today’s models received, you would almost certainly upgrade to save at the gas pump. You would not even question that choice. However, when your outdated copier starts to cost you more money with every print, a lot of business owners hang onto it when they could experience dramatic savings to their organization.

To find out if your copier is under performing, we often suggest an audit of their current office equipment. This can help them to see how much money they will save with a newer copier. Even if your current copier is great, what we find is that a lot of business owners do not check on what their printing operations are costing them. If you do not check this, it will directly impact your bottom line.

Despite these things, a lot of groups still pay for leases and service bills with an older copier when they could save up to 20 percent on their printing expenses. Not only will a new copier save money: It also saves time. Because you will enjoy faster print speeds with finishing capabilities, it becomes a win-win situation. While you could get a desktop printer for every cubicle, did you know that this will cost you up to $1 per print? As a compared to $0.10 per print, that sounds far more appealing and leads to a 90 percent savings.

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