Tips for Having a More Eco-Friendly Office

Lowering your environmental impact and creating a greener office can save you money on energy consumption and lowering your waste. What are some things that you can do to help the environment? First, implementing an MPS program can be highly beneficial because it lets you manage your printing environment. To start, it collects data and provides you with insight on supply order, consumables usage, maintenance and repair costs and transaction and administrative costs. An MPS program helps you lower the amount of human error, and it can find those key areas that help you save.

Second, consider a global reforestation solution. This type of solution will often integrate with MPS programs, and that means that there will be the automatic transmission of paper consumption data. The program will calculate the paper footprint that happens from the customer. After it has done that, some of these companies will plant trees that match the amount of paper consumption taking place. Ultimately, this is an effort to lower the amount of deforestation in the world today. With some of these reforestation solutions, you can contribute to certified reforestation projects. For example, you can help the forests of Madagascar or Ethiopia or help save the Amazon Rainforests of Brazil.

Avoiding petroleum-based plastic cups and plates that can have a huge negative impact on the environment will lead to a more eco-friendly office because many of these containers will not decompose. While there is bacteria that will break down materials like grass, wood and food, many of these plastics are non-biodegradable.