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Tips on Getting the Best Color Copier in Colorado Springs!

Are You Tired of Throwing Away Cash on Your Color Copier?

Have you been ready to shop for a color copier in Colorado Springs? Buying a copier in Colorado Springs can be a difficult thing to do, and color is an even more important decision!  If you want kind of a “cheater’s guide” to copier purchasing in Colorado Springs, here are some important things to consider!

  • When buying any copier, make sure the first thing you do is write down a list of all the things the copier MUST do, should do, would be nice to do and is unnecessary. (Tabloid, stapling, duplexing, faxing, networking, etc…)
  • Get some print sample files ready and look at the differences in the copiers.  Like wine, tastes vary…  your preferences and your reps can vary wildly
  • Feel free to ask for better pricing after you get a quote from a rep.  They will generally try and take at least a bit off since you asked.

If you need a color copier in Colorado Springs, please give us a call!