Top 5 Things About Color Your Copier Rep Forgot to Tell You About Color Copiers in Colorado Springs

Color Copiers Colorado Springs: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

Buying or leasing a color copier in Colorado Springs should be one of those fairly easy tasks.   However, like cars, insurance, or financial planning, there is a lot of information you just don’t know unless you’re in the industry.   This blog is about pulling back the curtain on my industry and giving you solid advice about your next purchase of a copier in Colorado Springs.

Color Copiers can either save you lots of money by bringing your color printing/copying in-house, or it can break your monthly budget.   Here are 5 tips to consider when purchasing your color copier in Colorado Springs:

1. Understand Coverage.  This is how much color you’re actually putting on your prints.   The quoted industry average is 20%.   I saw a church flyer today that was around 180% color on the page.   20% means that it uses 5% Cyan, 5% Magenta, 5% Yellow, and 5% Black.   If your page has very much color on it (at all!), you are very likely well over the 20% average.   This makes color copiers very expensive if you’ve purchased one that has high toner costs.

2. The less expensive the color copier, the more expensive the toner and supplies.   Don’t just buy it because it’s cheap.

3. Buy a common brand.   If you’re purchasing the color copier in Colorado Springs, you want to make sure there is a local tech (who has competition) that can fix your machine quickly.

4. Figure out if leasing or purchasing is better for your needs.   Both have their positives and negatives, your next color copier here in Colorado Springs should meet your budget needs.

5. Consider a cost per print plan (like Xerox’s).   If you have high-coverage copies and regular monthly print cycles, you’ll end up saving a LOT of money.   The key here is keeping your print plan right at your monthly needs so you don’t end up paying for prints you don’t use.

Give us a call for information, color copier advice or a copier quote in Colorado Springs.   We are passionate about helping people print and copy smarter and more efficiently.   We look forward to talking with you!