Top Copier Priorities

The Most Essential Things of Choosing a Copier

Choosing a copier for the office might sound easy, but a lot of manufacturers differ with what they offer. You want to know the copier that you will be replacing first, and before you buy, you want something similar if you have been satisfied with its past performance. When selecting a copier at, you have four key factors that should be considered:

  • Service
  • Reliability
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Speed

Never let a copier salesman pull you in with the fastest or the cheapest copier. You want something that will truly meet your needs. When it comes to speed, you will need something that can be repaired and will not be misused by workers. Ask yourself how quickly the copier can be repaired. Next, you will need a company that can service your copier when it breaks down. Reliability will also play a major role in your copier. When your copier breaks down, it means that you will experience more downtime.

Finally, the total cost of ownership is vital to the buying process. In general, the copiers that are cheaper will cost more over the long term. For example, you will pay more in ink cartridges and supplies with a less expensive copier. Beware of the machines that seem to cost less upfront because, in a lot of cases, they wind up costing you more over the long term in servicing and toner cartridges.