Understanding Copier Lease Payments

Getting a copier lease that is within your budget can be trickier than your realize. It is not uncommon for people to sign a lease that they think works for them only to find months later that they are spending more than they thought. This happens most often when people do not take the time to understand their copier lease payments and simply sign whatever is in front on them.

What you have to understand is that your copier lease price is not the only thing that you need to be aware of. There are a number of things that could be included in your lease that you need to be aware of when budgeting. Your lease price is, most often, not an all inclusive cost.

Some of the things that you need to be aware of are:


  • Your copier lease itself. This is the bulk of your payment and is what you pay to have the copier in your office.
  • Maintenance contracts. This could be a payment that you pay just to allow someone to look at your machine when you need it. It may also state that you get continued maintenance so your machine can get checkups if need be.
  • Consumables contracts. This is actually something that can really help your costs in the long run. This is a contract that allows your company to get their consumables through your copier leasing company.
  • Print payments. You will be paying for a certain amount of prints you can use for your machine. If you go over this number then you can be charged.


Any of these and more could be included in your lease. These charges for the most part are not scams. They are things that you are going to want in your lease and things that are going to be beneficial to you. However, you need to make sure that the payments fit your budget and be sure that you are not paying more than you should.