Upgrade Your Copier to Support the Demands of Your Business

Your average small business owner in Colorado Springs uses a copier that meets their current demands, but if you see rapid growth, you needs could excel the capacity of your current copier. What upgrade could you make if there is a rush in business growth? Well, we have the Xerox WorkCentre 7225-T, which provides optimum performance, and it can hold around 2,130 sheets of paper. You want a copier with a higher paper capacity if you have a busy office that continually needs to slow down because of an empty paper tray. That leads to lost revenue, and ultimately, a slower pace.

What other features make the WorkCentre 7225 the ideal upgrade? First, the monthly duty cycle reaches around 15,000 images every month. In addition, it prints around 25 pages per minute in monochrome. If you have a small to medium-sized office, that means that it will most likely keep up with the demands.

If you want a copier that offers similar performance, the WorkCentre 7220 provides you with a monthly duty cycle of 10,000 images every month. In addition, it costs $2,000 less than the WorkCentre 7225, and it still prints 20 pages per minute. However, before you decide to upgrade, create a priority list of the features that will be most useful to your business.