Watch the Click Rates

What to Consider with Cheap Costs Per Click

Most business owners find it hard to save cash on a copier. Before you decide on a copier, you have to understand how the cost per print will relate to your bottom line. Aside from that, you will also need to look at the cost of the copier itself. This is where many people feel frustrated and confused.

How can you determine this? Lets look at the cost differential of two copiers. For example, one costs $6,000 while the other costs $12,000. You have a $6,000 differential on the copier. Now you can do the same with the clicks. Lets say the $12,000 copier will cost $.06 per click, and the $6,000 copier will cost $.09 per click, which is a $.03 differential.

Now, you simply divide the dollar differential by the print, and you will find the point where you break even. $6,000/$.03 = 200,000 copies, which is how many you need to justify purchasing a copier for $6,000 extra. This means that you will need to print 3,333 color copies per month. If you produce less, it does not make sense. Need help calculating the dollar differential? For further information, contact our copier business in Colorado Springs.