Ways to Keep Service Calls Lower

Why to Keep Your Copier Properly Serviced

Multifunction printers may be one of the most used pieces of equipment in the office. For that reason, you cannot afford serious breakdowns because delays to productivity will frustrate your staff and customers. As you would service a car, you should schedule servicing for your office machine.

Do not depend on your copier to breakdown at the most convenient time. Oftentimes, it breaks down when you are already a day behind schedule, and a simple paper jam or outdated software could cause an avalanche in delays. When you keep your copier serviced, you will note a large difference in its performance levels. Copier machines operate with numerous internal moving components, and if a single part breaks, it can shut down the entire system. You want a technician to check and replace these parts occasionally.

Especially if the copy volume for your business is high, you will need to keep everything running smoothly. Having a good relationship with your servicing company can help you to prevent issues. Proper servicing becomes a solid investment in your business because it prevents delays due to a malfunctioning copier, and it creates huge difference in how well your copier functions.

One of the best things about Xerox, is most of the components that need to be replaced are contained within the consumable items eliminating the need for a lot of time consuming service calls.