What Customers Should Know About Copiers and Won't Ask

Is Your Head in the Sand About Copiers?

Maybe it is laziness, maybe it’s sloppiness, but more than likely it is just being too busy.  How many people really have the time to do accurate and in-depth copier research?  Who really wants to?  The basic idea most people have is they want a copier in Colorado Springs that is not a hassle and that works well.  If you are looking at a copier in Colorado Springs, what are some simple things you could be looking for?

  • First, do you need a color copier or a black and white copier?  Your answer to this question is worth thousands of dollars.
  • Second, do you actually need tabloid capable copying?  If you ask “what is tabloid paper (11 X 17), you likely do not.
  • What sort of speed requirements do you have?
  • What volume do you print and copy a month?

You don’t have to have your head stuck in the sand in regards to your next copier purchase in Colorado Springs.  Just a few simple questions thought out can save you thousands of dollars!