What to do with a Discontinued Copier

Copiers are great machines that can last you a long time. It is not uncommon to find a machine that is perfect for your business. Its print quality is outstanding, speed meets your goals, and the payments are right in your range. Suddenly, you get a call from your leasing company telling you that your model has been discontinued. What do you do with your discontinued copier?

Copier manufacturers are always making new models that they need to get into offices across the country. It benefits them to always have the newest machines on the market, so they incentive leasing companies to get their newest copiers into your office. It may be a good choice depending on your situation, but they might not be giving you all the facts.

All copier manufactures must keep their parts in the pipeline for up to 5 years after they discontinue a machine.

This is essential to know when figuring out if you should upgrade to the newer models of copiers. If your leasing agent tells you that you must upgrade because maintenance will be difficult, check with them to see when it was discontinued. If you were in the 5-year margin then you will probably be ok without upgrading.

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