Where's There's Mystery, There's Margin…

What are you paying per print?

There’s a phrase in the business world, “Where there’s mystery, there’s margin,” which happens to be extremely true in regards to color copier or plain copier purchases in Colorado Springs.  What’s the point of this saying?  Basically, the more you can “hide” or “wrap” together, so that people don’t know all the details, the more margin (margin as in profit margin) you can derive from that client.  So, I give you the following scenario

Copier — $269 per month for 60 months with 5,000 included pages…  

 —  or  —-

Copier  — $3,899

Extra tray — $600

Fax Option– $600

Supplies + Maintenance is at $.02 per print for 5,000 prints ($100 per month)

Which is a better deal?  You probably don’t know unless you figure out the second one…  (Which by the way works out to be around $225.00 per month)…  Now, what if you don’t really even need fax, or extra trays?  Those numbers can be removed from the equation.  When the mystery is gone, the margin goes with it.  You can see how this $269 a month sale can easily get down to $179 or so for the same term if you don’t need all the options.  This is precisely why you should get all the options itemized so you can make sure you are getting a fair price on everything as well as getting what you need and not just what pads the sales reps pockets.

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