Who Manages your Copier?

If you have a copier in your office then you may be aware of how necessary it is to your workday flow. Almost everyone uses it, and it provides an essential task for most offices. They also use a number of consumable resources that need to be bought, and replaced. There can be a lot of things to keep track of, which is why you need to consider who manages your copier.

If you aren’t keeping track of what is happening in your copier then things can get out of hand quickly. It’s easier to save money by having a buying strategy for things like paper and toner. You don’t want to be playing catch up. It’s easier if you know what you are dealing with month to month. And if you have a copier that also staples or does other media types then you have even more to keep track of.

Having a copier manager on hand will help you keep everything in order. They should be someone already working in your office who is good at tracking and finding patterns. They should be able to take on the extra work and keep everything in line with your copier.

You can also consider working with a managed print services company. They will be dedicated to every part of your printing process and track all data related to your machine. They can give you updates on every part of your copier to make sure you are on top of all your needs.

It’s important to consider who manages your copier. Expenses add up over time and if you don’t pay attention then you could lose hundreds or thousands of dollars.