Why Choose a Copier with Electronic Document Management System?

Finding a copier with printing, scanning, faxing and copying features should not be the only thing that you consider. You may also want to look for a copier that uses electronic filing technology. Over the years, this technology has advanced, and there are countless benefits over traditional filing.

First of all, it gives you easy access to documents from anywhere, and all you have to do is scan it. You can retrieve and share documents with employees who need them. Second, you can secure confidential information with a password, encryption and authentication system. With physical files, you have to store them in secured cabinets, but they are more easily broken into. In addition, your electronic documents will never fall into the wrong hands or turn up missing.

Next, you have to consider the potential for a cost-effective solution in filing. With traditional methods, you have to buy the filing cabinets and supplies, and you will need space to store your documents on site. As your company expands, this becomes less feasible because it will take up more space. In addition, an off-site storage facility will cost an equal amount of money. By contrast, you will have easy access and can find your documents faster with a searchable text database for every name.