Why Do they Keep Calling Over and Over?

Are You Dreading Your Phone Because Your Copier Rep Keeps Calling?

Maybe you are looking for a copier in Colorado Springs and have been tired of getting called 100 times by 5 different copier reps.  So, you want a good deal, how do you get competitive quotes without getting 500 calls?

The first thing to realize is that copier reps, like all sales reps, fight pretty hard to get any leads and if you don’t give specific directions, they are wanting to make sure they don’t lose business because the other rep is too competitive and call 100 times and they try to be reasonable.  People tend to buy from the person they remember and trust, generally.  However, some people buy from guilt, and will go to the copier company in Colordao Springs that “works” so hard.

What you will want to do is give each of them specific instuctions and work with the companies who can actually follow instructions.  If you ask them to only call twice in a week, eliminate dealers who refuse to follow your directions.  A company who can’t listen well enough to follow your specific desires will probably struggle helping you get a copier in Colorado Springs that will meet your specific desires.