To Purchase or Lease a Copier in Colorado Springs

Buy or lease – the question of the ages for businesses in Colorado Springs. There are advantages to both methods of purchase, and which one is right for you business depends on a few key factors.

How much capital does your business have?
Buying an enterprise copier requires a larger up-front investment, but will pay off over the years. Leasing a copier requires less money up front but the total cost may be higher as time goes on.

How steady is your business?
One big advantage to leasing a copier in Colorado Springs is the predictability of the costs – there is generally a simple, flat monthly fee. Toner costs can also be calculated in advance. When buying a copier, there are less monthly costs, but if a repair needs to be made your business needs to be ready. Companies with highly seasonal work, therefore, may prefer to lease rather than buy.

Will you want a new model?
At the end of a lease you can trade in the old copier for a new one. Businesses in Colorado Springs that need the cutting edge in copier technology will probably want to lease, rather than buy, an enterprise-grade copier.

Whether leasing or buying, an office copier is a solid investment for today’s businesses.