Xerox 5300 Series Could Help Your Businesses Efficiency

The Xerox 5300 series are printers designed to be multi functioning tools for an office to increase efficiency and productivity. The modular and advanced features of Xerox 5300 Series copiers offer businesses the ability to get copying and scanning jobs done quickly and with ease. It offers a 7 inch touchscreen interface that makes the machine’s features more accessible, which makes operating the machine much easier than it has ever been before. Xerox’s new line of drivers select the optimal default setting for each software application, but at the same time allow IT administrators to control many different devices (Xerox and non-Xerox devices) with the same drivers and this also allows other applications to be accessed straight from the interface. USB ports allow documents to be printed directly from USB memory sticks or basically any other USB capable device. Searchable PDF files can be scanned directly to and this makes faxing directly to a computer desktop super easy, and also allows future jobs to be programmed while the machine is in use.

Many of our customers have loved the addition of this machine to their office. Contact us if you would like help in shopping for a new Xerox copier and we will get the process underway and get you the copier you need and deserve. Call us at (719) 645-4550 for allow of your Colorado Springs’ business needs.