Xerox and the Cloud

Taking the Pain Out of Printing

The meeting stops, the tech guy is called, the needed document is on a computer which isn’t configured to work with the printer down the hall. Sound familiar? Today’s XEROX solutions now provide easy printing configuration and functionality from any device.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a relatively new phenomena. Today’s smart phones and tablets are more powerful than our office computers were a decade ago. Colorado Springs businesses can now take advantage of the XEROX Mobile Print Cloud. By using the XEROX Mobile Print Cloud businesses can empowers users to print documents, spreadsheets, drawings, PDFs, and images directly from their devices. The application automatically formats and converts various document formats in order to create a seamless printing experience.

Managers can use the Mobile Print Cloud to manage the printing queue and user permissions in order maximize efficiency and limit the abuse of resources. Let’s say an employee is at a meeting in a part of the building far away from her office and realizes that copies of the budget she passed out would be useful for mark up during a meeting. Using the XEROX Mobile Print Cloud, he or she can quickly login to their phone and route printing to the nearest copier. The XEROX Mobile Print Cloud can help make your Colorado Springs business more productive.