Xerox Copiers in Colorado Springs

Xerox and Colorado Springs Copier

In the early to mid-80s, the debut of the business computer brought prophesies of the demise of the paper industry that depended on printed documents for their existence.

The interesting reality that soon emerged, however, was that people began consuming more paper to produce printouts of computer data, demonstrating a preference to touch, as well as see, information.

The misguided prophets who envisioned a paperless world were wrong to an extent that almost staggers the mind. They might have been accurate had they said that stand-alone devices would become extinct and be supplanted by the versatile multifunction technology that dominates the business scene today.

Copiers provide the perfect example of this new reality and in Colorado Springs, Xerox is a leader in providing copiers that can handle all the document processing requirements for a business of any size.

Gone are the days when a malfunctioning copier could bring normal business to a standstill and require a visit from the copier technician. Modern copiers have so much redundancy built into them that a problem with one function leaves several available alternatives to guarantee business as usual.

Xerox and Colorado Springs Copier have teamed up to supply high quality document generation, management and storage in a way that might have seemed impossible to imagine for someone who recalls the days of temperamental office copiers from that bygone era.