Xerox Trade Ins

XEROX Tradeups Program

Thinking about buying a new copier with more features? Do you have a copier that is in working condition which you would like to trade-in? With the XEROX Tradeups program you can trade in almost any brand of printer or copier machine within 30 days of buying your new XEROX copier and receive a rebate.

The XEROX Tradeups program is super easy. Just go to the following web site:

On the site you will need to fill out a short form. Filling it out takes less than five minutes.

As soon as you get into the market for a copier you should begin checking the site XEROX Tradeups program. At the site you will be able to input the make and model of your old copier and receive a fair estimate of value. If you don’t see your machine listed contact XEROX and see if an offline rebate transaction can be arranged.

If you are offered any other discounts on your new copier, check that you will still be eligible for the XEROX Tradeups program with your sales representative before you sign a lease or purchase agreement.

You will need to send your receipts and/or proof of purchase into XEROX. You will then receive a pre-paid shipping label for your machine with instructions about how the machine needs to be mailed to XEROX.

If you have any questions about the program you can contact a XEROX Tradeups representative.