Xerox WorkCentre 4150 Product Review

WorkCentre 4150 Copier

Have you been thinking about getting a monochome copier in Colorado Springs?  If you have been considering getting a copier and started to look at the Xerox 4150, I thought I would do a quick product review.  Personally, I don’t like this copier very well.  The drums seem to go out too quick and the user interface is difficult to use.  Is is a good copier for day to day copying, sure I guess it works fine, but there are far better devices in my opinion than the WorkCentre 4150.

What copiers would I consider instead?  In the Xerox line I would consider the Phaser 3635 or the WorkCentre 4260.  The basic reason I would pick one over the other is workload.  The Phaser 3635 would be great up to about 3,000 pages per month.  After that, you may as well jump up to the 4260 so you can have a more reliable device and one with a simple interface.

The Workcentre 4150 is a pain with the interface and for a few hundred more bucks you could get a much better device.  This is just our humble opinion on the matter.