Xerox WorkCentre 5755/CSA Multifunction Printer

The Xerox WorkCentre 5755/CSA Multifunction Printer was designed to make you more productive. The Xerox MFP provides all the tools you need to help you stay on task from day to day. There are also advanced features that help you work smarter, cost-effective, and more securely than ever.

The Xerox WorkCentre 5755/CSA MFP makes operation much easier. There is a color touch screen interface that provides a comfortable look that allows for easy access to all major functions of your copier directly from your home screen.

This Xerox MFP also allows for you to spend less time on support providing you with a more simplified interface that makes it easier to find and manage features. Your information stays more secure than ever with Xerox’s added security features. No longer worry about your important documents not being safe while printing or copying.