Your Copier Will Stretch Your Budget if You Don't Know The Answer to These Questions

Ask Questions to Save Your Copier Budget!

Unless you’re in the industry, it’s very difficult to know what you do and don’t need in a copier.   If you don’t know exactly what you need and want, you will very likely be oversold on your next copier in Colorado Springs.   Here are some basic questions you MUST know the answer to if you plan on buying the right copier or color copier for your specific needs:

1. Do I need color?   How many color prints will I do per month?   If I am doing very few, would buying a smaller printer meet my needs and save me a LOT of money on my next copier purchase?

2.  How many black and white copies do I currently do per month?   What is the maximum number I can foresee this rising to?

3. How many users will be using this machine?   Would I be more efficient with two smaller copiers in different locations in the office?

4. How long do I want to commit for?   Am I planning on a similar print volume in 3, 4, or 5 years?

5. How is the copier contract worded?   How much can they raise my supplies cost per year…what’s the maximum?

6. What size of paper am I planning on printing?   Do I need Tabloid (and is it worth the 30% + cost?)?

7. What finishing options do I need or want?   Is the price of a stapler and booklet maker worth the extra cost?

If you can answer all of these questions, you will be in a perfect postion to negotiate with prospective copier reps.   I ask my clients all of these questions.   While it can be a bit tiring, it really does end up making sure you don’t over or under buy your next copier in Colorado Springs.   For a quote or analysis of your current copier needs, feel free to give me a call for solid advice on your copier in Colorado Springs.