Copier data security

Colorado Springs, are you copiers secure?

If you deal with sensitive customer information then you’ve likely spent your valuable time and money making sure that you have a safe and secure computer network. There may be a hole in your system though, that being you copier.

Did you know:

  • Most copiers built since 2002 have a built in hard drive? This means that you could have copies of client information on your copier now.
  • Some copiers don’t come with a standard data security kit, and those that do are not always configured correctly.
  • If you return an unsecured device, it may be resold. Who knows who could end up with your unsecured images?

You may want to put thought into security if you are an attorney, CPA, in the health field, or anywhere that requires client security. If you don’t know whether your copier is secure then there is a decent chance that it is not.

If you are looking for a copier or trying to make sure that yours is secure, feel free to call us.