Have you thought about used copiers?

We have you covered for used copiers in Colorado Springs

In addition to our new copiers, we also have used copiers here in Colorado Springs. You may be a young startup that just needs a machine to get going, or you may need something for short term use and you don’t want to buy a brand new machine. Whatever the case, we’ve got the Colorado Springs metro area covered if you want to buy used.

We’ve got used Xerox copiers, used Lexmark copiers, used HP copiers, and used Kyocera copiers. Every machine that we sell goes through a full inspection by one of our well-seasoned technicians to be sure that it is in tip top working order before your first print slides out. Beyond that we will set you up with a 30 day onsite warranty to get you started.

Just because the lease on a machine is up does not mean that it then becomes useless. Oftentimes these machines have years of use left in them and are overlooked. If you need to get into a copier quickly and at a reasonable price in the Colorado Springs area give us a call and we can talk about used copier options. We also have high quality remanufactured toner that is helpful for the environment and your bank account.