Used copiers in Colorado Springs

We have used copiers for Colorado Springs

As the economy tightens we’ve found that more and more businesses are looking at creative ways to print and copy. Used copiers are an excellent way to achieve this. Are you a startup with tight funds? Do you need a copier for a short enough time that renting is too expensive, but you don’t want to get tied into a lease? Whatever the case, a used copier is worth considering.

We have used Xerox copiers, used Lexmark copiers, and used HP copiers all available to the Colorado Springs area. Every machine is inspected by one of our technicians and we make sure that it is in good operating condition before it leaves. In addition, all our copiers have a 30 onsite warranty included.

Most of these were lease returns so they still have thousands of prints left in them. If you are looking to keep costs low, or meet a budget then this might just be the way to do it.

Please call, we’d love to come up with a creative solution for your problem.