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Copier :Leases

Keeping Technology Costs Down

Copiers and other technology solutions are a major expense for businesses in Colorado Springs. Many companies dedicate a significant portion of their internal resources evaluating copier technology and purchasing equipment. Like any other technology, copiers can become obsolete very quickly. If you need a more efficient copier, give us a call. Our team can help…

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Laser Printers or Copiers in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs: Copier or Printer Many businesses in Colorado Springs do not want to spend time and energy just to purchase basic office equipment. To get the right machine, you have to know a little bit about each model. Our clients frequently ask us to clarify the difference between color laser printers and color copiers.…

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Rent or Buy a Copier in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Copiers: Renting or Buying? Will renting or purchasing a copier in Colorado Springs save you money? This is a sensitive topic for a few of our clients. They tend to attach to either the idea of ownership or the flexibility of renting. Copiers in Colorado Springs come with a variety of features, and…

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Xerox WorkCentre 6400 in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs: Xerox Copier Small to mid-sized businesses in Colorado Springs have different business needs than their large corporate counterparts. While it might be tempting to purchase the same copier model used by the big guys, this could be a costly mistake. Copiers are designed to handle certain volume loads. If your business purchases an…

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Common Customer Complaints Regarding Copiers

One of the most common copier buying complaints deal with copier contracts.  They can be confusing and unclear.  We understand your frustrations after having recently just gone over our cell phone plans.  The little things always seem to be key.  The copier you buy in Colorado Springs is no different! When looking at a copier…

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Colorado Springs Copier Leases

Leasing a Colorado Springs Copier Leasing a Colorado Springs copier has a variety of benefits — namely it saves you from the need for a larger initial capital overlay, and generally allows more flexible terms than a negotiated credit or installment agreement. Further, a lease specifically provides an advantage over a straight rental in that…

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