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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Office?

Business owners have a lot of very crucial decisions to make in order to make sure that their business continues to be successful. These decisions should not be made without a lot of consideration about the different kinds of options that they have at their disposal. One big decision that businesses must make is about…

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Multi Functioning Machines

Buying a copier has become a much more compelling option for companies, because now copiers are capable of performing almost all of the basic tasks that someone would expect from a machine like this. They are now capable of printing, copying, faxing and scanning all from one device. This is an incredible asset in the…

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Xerox 5300 Series Could Help Your Businesses Efficiency

The Xerox 5300 series are printers designed to be multi functioning tools for an office to increase efficiency and productivity. The modular and advanced features of Xerox 5300 Series copiers offer businesses the ability to get copying and scanning jobs done quickly and with ease. It offers a 7 inch touchscreen interface that makes the…

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To Purchase or Lease a Copier in Colorado Springs

Buy or lease – the question of the ages for businesses in Colorado Springs. There are advantages to both methods of purchase, and which one is right for you business depends on a few key factors. How much capital does your business have? Buying an enterprise copier requires a larger up-front investment, but will pay…

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Common Customer Complaints Regarding Copiers

One of the most common copier buying complaints deal with copier contracts.  They can be confusing and unclear.  We understand your frustrations after having recently just gone over our cell phone plans.  The little things always seem to be key.  The copier you buy in Colorado Springs is no different! When looking at a copier…

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Leasing A Copier in Colorado Springs?

  Are you thinking about leasing a copier in  Colorado Springs?  If you are, there are probably some questions you have.  I will attempt to answer a few of the most commonly asked copier leasing questions in this blog post! Common Questions: What’s the difference between a FMV lease and a $1 Buyout copier lease?…

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