Copier Tips Colorado Springs

Printing with the Cloud

By pjacob10 / March 26, 2014 / Comments Off on Printing with the Cloud

How many times have you run into the problem of needing a document off of a computer and it isn’t properly configured to the copier or printer? This is why Xerox has gone through a lot of effort to make printing easier from any device.  Being able to bring your own device into a office…

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Take a Close Look at Your Next Copier Quote!!

By Marketing Group / September 24, 2009 / Comments Off on Take a Close Look at Your Next Copier Quote!!

This post is not going to make me the most popular person in the copier industry because if you follow my advice, you could be taking a few thousand dollars out of the Colorado Springs copier company´s pocket and leaving it in yours!  Here are some tips which no one else will tell you! Don´t do…

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Common Questions on Copiers

By Marketing Group / July 24, 2009 / Comments Off on Common Questions on Copiers

If you’re like most Colorado Springs business, church, or office personnel doing copier research, you are trying to do two things.  First, you’re looking for actual product information and second, you’re making sure you’re doing due diligence to assure you’re not getting a bad deal. This post is designed to help you with the second…

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