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Printer or Copier?

There is a never-ending debate for office managers about whether or not a printer or copier is the better machine for the office. Which one will ultimately save your company the most amount of money? Which one will allow the office to function most easily? Traditionally it has been thought that copiers are cheaper in…

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Getting Your Business the Right Equipment

Colorado Springs is a great place to grow either a small or large business, with it’s beautiful environment and stable economy. Colorado Springs has some of the best tech and manufacturing firms in the country and is nearby to wonderful outdoor activities. With all of these perks, Colorado Springs makes for a very alluring place…

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Common Customer Complaints Regarding Copiers

One of the most common copier buying complaints deal with copier contracts.  They can be confusing and unclear.  We understand your frustrations after having recently just gone over our cell phone plans.  The little things always seem to be key.  The copier you buy in Colorado Springs is no different! When looking at a copier…

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Colorado Springs Copier Leases

Leasing a Colorado Springs Copier Leasing a Colorado Springs copier has a variety of benefits — namely it saves you from the need for a larger initial capital overlay, and generally allows more flexible terms than a negotiated credit or installment agreement. Further, a lease specifically provides an advantage over a straight rental in that…

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Don't Miss the Bus With Your Copier Lease Return!

Today I come as the bearer of bad news. I am here to remind you to do something that your copier rep in Colorado Springs never seems to want to remind you about.  You have a lease?  If you do, pay attention!  There is always lingo buried in that lovely fineprint which talks about things…

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