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Printer or Copier?

There is a never-ending debate for office managers about whether or not a printer or copier is the better machine for the office. Which one will ultimately save your company the most amount of money? Which one will allow the office to function most easily? Traditionally it has been thought that copiers are cheaper in…

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Data Security on Your Copier

Copier security in Colorado Springs With the rapid rise of digital technology, all copiers now come equipped with a hard drive. This device keeps a digital impression of everything document that is copied or printed on the machine. This can be a high security risk for any business. There are a few steps to take…

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Rent or Buy a Copier in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Copiers: Renting or Buying? Will renting or purchasing a copier in Colorado Springs save you money? This is a sensitive topic for a few of our clients. They tend to attach to either the idea of ownership or the flexibility of renting. Copiers in Colorado Springs come with a variety of features, and…

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A Cost-Per Print Plan Can Lock in Your Savings

Locking in your prices is almost always a good thing when it comes to copiers in Colorado Springs.   Copiers here, like everywhere, have been producing more and more value in terms of the copier quality and function.   However, consumables (toner, maintenance kits, etc.) are a predictably rising cost.   If you haven’t noticed in your copier…

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What Customers Should Know About Copiers and Won't Ask

Maybe it is laziness, maybe it’s sloppiness, but more than likely it is just being too busy.  How many people really have the time to do accurate and in-depth copier research?  Who really wants to?  The basic idea most people have is they want a copier in Colorado Springs that is not a hassle and that works…

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